How much does mastering cost? How long does it take?

The studio rate is $90/hr. For unattended sessions, singles (1 song) are $75/each, and a 7inch (or 2 songs) is $135. Anything longer than two songs is billed at the studio hourly rate of $90/hr. All attended sessions are billed at $90/hr.

Your cost is based on the amount of time we spend working on your album. For albums recorded and mixed in a consistent fashion, a typical full-length (40-50 minutes) takes a full day, typically between 6 to 8 hours. An EP of 20-30 minutes usually runs about 4 to 6 hours. This is all dependent on the quality and consistency of your mixes, any problems we encounter, etc. Recordings mixed at multiple facilities and compilations often require more work to become a cohesive album, and thus can take longer.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to submit your mixes for a free evaluation. We can also provide a free mastering sample for one track so that you can hear what we can offer you, and decide if we are the right studio for your project.

When you contact us to schedule a session, we will give you a specific date for your project. If you are not attending your session, you can expect to be able to download the first draft of your master at the end of that same day. Touchups, if necessary, are included.

Included in this price is everything you need to have a CD manufactured, including use of our FTP server, creation of a DDPi production master, and a production master (PMCD) disc if required. Standard mail shipping is also included in our price. In short, there are no extra fees unless you require rush shipping (you cover the associated courier costs.)